Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Have you heard about soluble substances and insoluble substances if not let me tell you about them. Soluble substances are substances which dissolve in water and insoluble substances are substances that do not dissolve in water. Removing soluble impurities is expensive and tough to be removed from water where as insoluble impurities are easier and inexpensive to remove from water. Well so in this experiment I will teach you a method to remove soluble impurities very easily and very inexpensively.
1big glass
1small glass
A plastic wrap
Drinking water
Dissolve salt in water and pour the solution into the big glass.

Now put the small glass inside the big glass were you have kept the solution

Now wrap the big glass with the help of plastic wrap and then put the pebble on top of the plastic wrap were the small glass has been placed.

Keep this object outdoors on a very sunny day

Wait 2 or 3 hour.

After 2 or 3 hour taste the water in the small glass is it salty?

What happens?
Because of the heat of the sun the salty water in the big glass evaporates and leaves the salt behind the water while evaporating hits the plastic wrap and because of the pebble it falls in the small glass and now you have your own purified water!!

   (Please review this experiment)

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