Sunday, March 16, 2014


Lets see how we can copy the shape of a key!!

Materials Required
1) 2 or 3 pieces of black construction paper
2) Tape
3) Some old keys
4) Scissors


Cut the construction paper into pieces of 3 inches by 3 inches.

Find a place outside with strong sunlight where nothing would disturb your experiment.

Put the papers outside tape the corners of the paper or put a heavy object on the paper so the wind cannot move it.

Place a key in the center.

After 4 hours remove the keys. You would see impression of the keys


Have you ever tried to make a plaster caste of a foot print? Lets try!!

Materials Required:
1) 1 Empty 2 lb coffee cans with lids (3-lb cans can also be used)
2) 1-lb plaster of Paris
3) Water
4) A wooden mixing Stick
5) 1 cup measurer
6) A screwdriver
7) 1 magnifying glass


Make foot prints on dampened soil outdoor with a clearly patterned shoe sole, and choose the clearest and deepest footprint for the cast.

Put three cups of Plaster of Paris into a coffee can and add two cups of water to the can and mix well with the wooden stick. The plaster should be as thick as melted ice cream, let it stay for a few minutes.

Now pour the plaster of Paris gently into the footprint, let it flow over the edges.

With a twig write the date, location on the wet plaster.

Wait for 20 to 30 minutes, until the plaster hardens. Once it hardens gently dig around its edges with a screwdriver and take it off.

Your footprint caste is ready!! 


Have you ever wondered that a secret message can be codded on an egg?! Let us find out!

Materials Required:
1) 1 Hard boiled Egg
2) 1 White wax crayon
3) 1 or 2 cups of distilled vinegar
4) Water
5) 1 big glass
6) A soft scrub brush


Write a message on the egg with a white crayon. And pass it out to the person you want to give the secret message to. 

To Read The Message Do The Following:
1) Put some vinegar in the glass and put the egg with message written on it into the vinegar.
2) Tiny bubbles start to form on the egg. When the bubbling stops in about 1 to 2 hours, pour of the vinegar and replace it with fresh vinegar. After 4 hours pour off the fresh Vinegar. Wash the eggs under fresh water. gently scrub the crayon wax off the shell with the cleanser and brush. You can now read the message easily.

What Is Happening??

An acid is used to eat away some part of the surface of a material. Other parts are covered with a substance that the acid is unable to bite through, hence it acts like a protector and protects the surface of the material it is covering. This process is called Etching


Spies need to transfer messages. Well how do they do this? They do this by sending messages in codes, so if the message falls in the wrong hands it is not understood. One of these code is the decoder grid. Lets make one!!!

To Make The Decoder Grid:

Materials Required:
Pen Or Pencil
2 Sheets Of Paper


Make a 12cm X 12cm square on the sheet of the paper. Make 6 rows and columns so that it has 36 boxes. [2cm X 2cm]

Now cut out the second, sixth,eleventh, fourteenth, sixteenth, nineteenth, twenty-eighth, Thirtieth and thirty-third boxes. At the top write " DECODER GRID"

Cut the square out (make sure that the decoder grid is still written on the top)

Your Decoder Grid is ready!!!

Using The Decoder Grid

Place the  Decoder Grid over a piece of blank paper. Make sure that the words "DECODER GRID"
is on the top. Trace around the top left corner of the grid to help your contacts position their own DECODER GRID correctly.

Write one letter of your message in each of the open squares. When the 9 spaces are filled turn the grid to the right. Now the "Decoder Grid" is toward the right. Remember to place the edge facing the mark (the mark you made by the top left corner) is positioned correctly.

Continue to right turn it again when you need to.

Once you have filled the message will all the blanks with dummy letters.

Your code is ready to be transferred!