Sunday, March 16, 2014


Spies need to transfer messages. Well how do they do this? They do this by sending messages in codes, so if the message falls in the wrong hands it is not understood. One of these code is the decoder grid. Lets make one!!!

To Make The Decoder Grid:

Materials Required:
Pen Or Pencil
2 Sheets Of Paper


Make a 12cm X 12cm square on the sheet of the paper. Make 6 rows and columns so that it has 36 boxes. [2cm X 2cm]

Now cut out the second, sixth,eleventh, fourteenth, sixteenth, nineteenth, twenty-eighth, Thirtieth and thirty-third boxes. At the top write " DECODER GRID"

Cut the square out (make sure that the decoder grid is still written on the top)

Your Decoder Grid is ready!!!

Using The Decoder Grid

Place the  Decoder Grid over a piece of blank paper. Make sure that the words "DECODER GRID"
is on the top. Trace around the top left corner of the grid to help your contacts position their own DECODER GRID correctly.

Write one letter of your message in each of the open squares. When the 9 spaces are filled turn the grid to the right. Now the "Decoder Grid" is toward the right. Remember to place the edge facing the mark (the mark you made by the top left corner) is positioned correctly.

Continue to right turn it again when you need to.

Once you have filled the message will all the blanks with dummy letters.

Your code is ready to be transferred!

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