Saturday, May 28, 2011


In this experiment you will make a device (anemometer) that will tell you the speed of wind per hour and minute!!

A square shaped cardboard sheet
Pencil with a rubber on its back
A thumbtack
4 paper cups

Cut two equal strips of cardboard.

 Put them on each other so that they form a cross.

 With the help of the tape stick the 4 paper cups on each end of the cross. Paint one cup in any color.

Put the thumbtack in the middle of the cross.
 Attach the cross to the back of the pencil. Now put the nib of the pencil on a ball of clay and…………….Your anemometer is ready.

Put it outdoors and note the position of the painted cup, and wait and record the number of time it rotates per hour or minute and measure the speed in number of rounds per hour or minute.

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