Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Making a thermometer is quite easy! Follow the experiment given below to make a thermometer and mark the scale on your homemade thermometer.

A see through plastic bottle
A see through straw
Modeling clay
Cold water
A strip of paper.

 Pour cold water into the bottle about halve and add some food coloring to it.

 Put the straw in the bottle but don’t let it touch the bottom and then seal the top of the bottle with the help of modeling clay.

Here your thermometer is ready. Follow the instructions below to draw a scale on your thermometer!!!

Making a scale on your thermometer!!

Now stick a paper on the bottle starting from the water to the modeling clay. This is your scale. To complete it you will have to put your thermometer in cold water and the real thermometer too in cold water. After halve an hour read the temperature on the real thermometer and mark the temperature on the thermometer where the water is in the straw.

(Please review this experiment)

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