Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Have you ever tried cleaning dirty pennies with soap and water? Have the pennies got clean?

If you want to clean your pennies and get them back their shine, you must try this experiment....It's not just an experiment, because in the end you would have done some serious cleaning!


1cup vinegar
Some salt

Preparaing the solution
Pour 1cup vinegar in the bowl and add salt to it.
Mix the solution gently using a spoon.
Your solution for cleaning pennies is ready!!!

Using the solution
Now drop several dirty pennies in the solution and leave it for a minute. Now take out the pennies immediately wash them with water and dry the pennies with the help of tissue.

Voila! You have clean shiny pennies in your hands!
What Happens when you put dirty copper pennies in the solution?

When you put the pennies in the solution, the solution loosens the residue [called copper-oxide] on the pennies and make them shiny once more, and when you rinse them with water, the cleaning stops.
If you don’t rinse the pennies they still have the solution on them and when these pennies contact oxygen in the air, a new reaction is formed which turns them into green-brownish color.

TIP: If you want them to be clean, rinse them with water, after you put them into the cleaning soluion.  The unrinsed pennies can never be cleaned!!

(Please review this experiment)

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  1. Good experiments, you must keep posting more.
    I cleaned lots of old pennier using this.