Wednesday, April 20, 2011


You know what is Ph paper right? Well litmus paper is used to find whether an object is an acid or base. So in this experiment you will make a solution through which you can come to know whether it is an acid or a base!

2 teaspoon red cabbage juice powder
1 test tube [For storing the solution]
Water half of the container
1pipet or a dropper
Some objects to test, such as: lemon juice, salt, soap, a drop of coke or Pepsi
Making solution
 Fill the cup about three-fourth water and add 2 teaspoon red cabbage powder. And stir it.

Here your solution is ready. Now follow the steps bellow to use it

How to use the solution?

Now place an object on a plate.
Now use the pipette or a dropper to pick up a drop of the solution you just made, and drop it on the object.
The liquid changed color. If the liquid changes to light pink or red it is an acid. If the liquid changes to blue or green it is a base and if the liquid does not change color it’s a neutral.

(Please review this experiment)

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