Saturday, August 13, 2011


Why buy a watch when you can recycle materials and make a watch which would use solar energy!!

A sturdy paper plate
Unsharpened pencil
Modeling clay
Black marking pen

Make a hole through the back of the plate enough to fit the pencil in.
Place the end of the pencil in a lump of clay to anchor it down.
Place the plate out in an open area. Locate north with the help of the compass and tilt the pencil a bit to north (If you live in northern hemisphere then you should point the pencil to north, but if you live in the southern hemisphere then tilt the pencil towards south.)
At 8:00am locate the shadow of the sun. Keep doing this after every hour till the day ends.
The next day exactly 8:00am the shadow will be on the markings and you will know the time!! 

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