Monday, April 16, 2012


Do you want to make fake or models of fossils? Then this experiment might help!!!



Any small object, like- stone or leaf

2 paper cups


Plaster of Paris


Flatten a ball of plasticine until it is about 2cm thick, and the top smooth.

Put the plasticine into the paper cup with the smooth side facing towards you.

Now press the object you want to fossilize into the plasticine until the object is partially buried into the plasticine.

Now take the object out. A impression of the object is left behind.

Pour half cup of plaster of Paris into the other cup.

Add a quarter cup of water to the Plaster of Paris, and mix until smooth and leave the mixture like that for 2 minutes.

When the mixture has thickened pour it on the plasticine in the other cup.

Leave the  mixture until the plaster has dried.

When the plaster has fully dried, tear away the sides of the paper cup and take out the plasticine and plaster. Keep it in a warm dry place and enjoy your very own fossil.

What Is happening?

Fossils are extremely useful records of the past. In your case you left behind an impression of an object you own but fossils found by scientists around the world can date back to the time of dinosaurs. These fossils allow paleontologists (the name of scientists who study these types of fossils) to study what life might have been like millions of years

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