Friday, April 20, 2012


Let's make rocks!!


Aluminum foil

Clean sand

White glue

A small container

A plastic spoon


A coffee can with lid



Mix three large spoons full of sand and three spoons full of white glue in the small container.

Make small lumps of the mixture.

Lightly oil the aluminum foil and place the lumps of on it.

Put the aluminum foil with the "rocks" in a sunny location until it is hard (period 2-3 days)

Now, put some of your "rocks" into the coffee can and put some water in it.

Put on the lid and shake the can for 4 to 5 minutes

Remove the lid.

Observe: The rocks began to wear down. Some rocks wore down into sand again.

The water running over the rocks pushes them against each other causing erosion that wears them down. In nature this process takes several years, However the result is the same

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