Sunday, November 13, 2011


Can you look through your hand?? No? If"no" is the answer let me tell you a methode which will help you look through your hand!!


A sheet of typing paper
Clear tape


Roll the sheet of paper lengthwise to form a long tube.

Use tape to hold the tube together.

Use your right hand to hold one end of the tube to your right eye, hold the tube just like a telescope.

Hold your left hand, with your palm facing you, against the left side of the tube. Keep both eyes open and focus your vision straight ahead on something across the room. Can you see a hole in your hand?? 

How Does This Happens???
Each eye looks at an different angle, the brain puts them together to form one three-dimensional image. While doing this experiment, your left eye focuses on your hand and your right eye focuses through the hole, the brain merges both the images and creates a illusion that you have a hole in your hand.

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