Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Many people are fond of indoor plants. But hesitate to go in for them just because for extra care they call for. For instance ,who would take care of the plants when the whole family has gone out for vacation? At some places neighbours might take care of them, but you always don't have such caring neighbours. So what should one do? Stop keeping such plants to enjoy their vacation? Not anymore! Travel where ever you want without any tension leave the work to science! Let's see what to do?!?! 

Cotton string
A potted plant 
A bowl full of water

Put the bowl full of water on a table.
Now, put the potted plant just below the table.
Then insert one end of the cotton string into the soil and the other into the water in the bowl.

Observe:  The water will start moving up through the string and then start going down along with the string to the pot!

Remember: For each plant the string should be different, but however the container can be the same!

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