Friday, September 30, 2011


Do you know about fingerprints? Well if you don't know let me tell! Fingerprints are prints from your finger.  They are left everywhere you touch your hand on. They are left because of the natural oil on your hand which cannot be removed. Every person has a different finger prints! The fingerprint might look the same but, there will have to be some difference!
So do you want to try to pick your friend's or relative's fingerprint? Than follow the activity bellow to pick up the fingerprints!

Sharpened pencil
A4 sheet
Magnifying glass.

Make a small rectangle on the A4 sheet and darken it with pencil.
Ask your friend or relative to rub his/her any one finger on the black rectangle.
After he/she has rubbed  his/her finger take a piece of tape and put the take on his/her finger.
Then remove it and stick it on the paper. The fingerprint appears!!!!

Study the shape and the lines properly with the help of magnifying glass. Do this experiment with many people!!

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